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Pyrites from 2 to 3cm

Pyrite has the power to unblock trauma related to episodes of death and provides protection. Pyrite brings peace and well-being, wards off negativity and teaches you to live with passion day by day. It gives the power to generate wealth, combats impotence and infertility.
It allows you to remove the feeling of fear and open the way to actions to establish them with confidence.
Affinity with Leo


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Important 🔮

  • Due to their nature, stones can vary in shape , size and sometimes in shades . If you want to choose the stone for your jewelry, please place your order and then contact us via email to make it possible.

  • All our pieces are handmade, the preparation time for your order may vary depending on the piece, please check the description carefully. If you have questions, write to us and we will gladly help you.

  • We normally do not do URGENT orders but if you need a last minute gift please email us at to let you know if we can help you.