Materials and care

gold plate

The gold plate material is nickel or tumbaga on the inside with a 14 or 18 carat gold plate coating (depending on the piece).
For a longer life of your gold plated products we recommend:

  • Do not apply perfume directly to your jewelry (we recommend applying your perfume 5 minutes before putting on your jewelry)
  • Do not expose jewelry to cleaning chemicals
  • Do not use when doing physical activities
  • Store your jewelry pieces separately, avoiding tangling it with other pieces

These simple steps will make the gold plate coating last much longer on your pieces.


The silver we use in our jewelry is .925 or .950 law (depending on the piece).

Silver oxidizes when exposed to the elements, meaning that it is normal for your silver to oxidize and take on a blackish color. This also depends on weather factors such as humidity and body factors such as PH.

What would be the recommendations then?

If your silver becomes oxidized, we recommend cleaning it with the cloth or special liquid for fine jewelry.



If your silver jewelry has minerals such as: opals, pearls, corals or very porous minerals, we recommend that you immerse yourself in the liquid or clean only the chain or silver parts, since if you also immerse the mineral it can be damaged and/or ruined.