Our history

Our story begins in order to cover a need in 2003, we are a Mexican brand with two fundamental pillars, Rosa and Alicia, mother and daughter, an unstoppable duo of designers, passionate, with infinite dreams, obsessed with perfection and Magic.

What started as a necessity became our passion, and our unwavering pursuit of perfection became our distinction. The art of designing and creating jewelry has taken hold of our hearts, but what truly brings us joy is seeing people wearing our creations and feeling the magic that flows through them.

Over the years, we have perfected our artisan techniques to create jewelry with more precision. This evolution has been driven by our dedication and the need to share unique and excellent quality jewelry with you. This is how Color Mineral was born.

In these 20 years, our brand has undergone a constant transformation, in the way we see the world, our objectives and the expression of our creativity.

It has been a long and enriching journey, and we want to express our deepest gratitude to each person who has trusted us, at any stage of our journey. We value your trust, your support and, above all, your faith in our creations.

Each of our designs begins when we carefully select the materials we will work with, from metals and accessories to minerals in their unique shapes, sizes and colors. We establish a special connection with these minerals, allowing their energy and vibration to guide our creations, so that they reach you through our passion and commitment.

Color Mineral is much more than jewelry; We are the embodiment of our passions, the magic of creation, the power of connection, the expression of emotions, the manifestation of beauty and the essence of love.