Turquesa. La piedra del mes de diciembre.

Turquoise. The stone of the month of December.

Turquoise: The treasure of heaven on earth, discover its magic.

From the ancient cultures of Egypt to Native American tribes, turquoise has been present in human history for millennia. Her unique blue-green color and often mottled appearance made her captivating from the start. The Egyptians considered it an amulet of protection and a symbol of royalty. Turquoise was even found in the tombs of pharaohs, where it was believed that it would provide protection in the afterlife.

On the American continent, native tribes considered turquoise a sacred stone that connected the earth to the sky. For Native Americans, turquoise was not only a gem, but also a spiritual amulet that granted powers of communication and wisdom. It was used in ceremonies, amulets, and ornaments, and is still highly valued in Native American culture to this day.

Turquoise also played an important role in the Silk Road, which was a network of trade routes connecting East Asia with Europe and Africa. Along these routes, turquoise was traded as a valuable treasure and incorporated into jewelry and decorative objects from many different cultures. This cultural exchange contributed to the expansion of its popularity and appreciation throughout the world. The name Turquoise is derived from French, pierre turquoise , meaning "Turkish stone"

Today, turquoise remains one of the most prized and desirable gems in jewelry. Its rich history and unique properties make it a popular choice for both special occasions and everyday use. Wearing a turquoise jewel means carrying centuries of tradition, mystery and beauty that have endured through time.


If you've ever felt overwhelmed by modern stress, turquoise could be your best friend. It is a natural amulet against negative energies and exhaustion. This stone is famous for its ability to provide protection and dissipate those clouds of negativity that sometimes stalk us.

Helps improve communication, fosters empathy and understanding. Long associated with healing properties, this gem is believed to have the power to balance and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. From relieving pain to improving concentration, turquoise is like a balm for overall well-being.

In short, turquoise is a window to the past, a protective amulet, and a spiritual ally in your search for meaning and well-being. Whether you're looking for a touch of style, a boost of creativity, or a spiritual connection, turquoise is ready to be your life companion.

So, let's embrace the beauty and power of turquoise in all its forms! Whether you wear it as a dazzling piece of jewelry or as a source of spiritual energy, turquoise will always be there to light your path and raise your vibrations. Let's make every day a turquoise festival!

Remember, turquoise is more than a gem; It is a reminder of our own beauty and ability to grow, heal and love. So go ahead, explore the world of turquoise and discover the magic this timeless stone has to offer!

I hope this blog has conveyed to you the beauty and magic of turquoise. If you have any questions or are ready to dive into the world of turquoise quartz jewelry, feel free to visit our online store and discover a dazzling range of turquoise treasures!

Until the next jewelry and spirituality adventure! 🌟💎


Affinity with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Libra.

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