Granate, la piedra del mes de Enero.

Garnet, the stone of the month for January.

Garnet , the stone of the month of January, also known as the stone of Courage

Garnet is a very energizing and regenerating stone.

The name Garnet derives from the Latin “granatus” (grain or seed) due to the round shape of the raw stones and the resemblance to the red seeds of the pomegranate.

This gemstone can be found in different colors apart from red tones such as orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, black, pink and even almost colorless.

But the most common is the red-toned pyrope garnet; The rarest are blue garnets, (one of the rarest gems in existence).

It is one of the most splendid gemstones you will find.

Red Garnet is the protagonist of many ancient stories, it was highly valued during the time of the pharaohs of Egypt and the Roman Empire. It has been cut and worked as a precious stone since ancient times. The Vikings used jewelry with Garnets as funeral ornaments to illuminate the deceased on the journey to Walhalla, while the crusaders decorated their armor with this gem to have more courage in battle and the victors decorated the shield and the hilt of their sword with garnets. as protection.
During the 18th and 19th centuries Garnet was especially loved and coveted as a Gemstone, particularly the Bohemian garnet.

The different varieties of Garnet are extracted in India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Garnet stimulates the senses, it is a regenerating stone, it provides vitality and will, it is considered an excellent gift that symbolizes trust, physical love and the relationship between love partners, garnet was a popular ornamental ornament among royalty and aristocrats .
It is a useful crystal to have in times of crisis. It is particularly practical in situations where there seems to be no way out, or when life has become fragmented or traumatic. Strengthens, activates and strengthens the survival institute, bringing courage and hope to seemingly hopeless situations. Under the influence of garnet, the crisis becomes a challenge to overcome. It also promotes mutual aid in troubled times.

It is the official birthstone for the month of January and would make a great gift for anyone having a birthday at the start of the new year, it is also the traditional gemstone to celebrate the second wedding anniversary.

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