Amatista. La piedra del mes de Febrero.

Amethyst. The stone of the month of February.

The purifying quartz that elevates your spirit

From the days of ancient Rome to the present day, amethyst has captivated hearts with its dazzling purple beauty. The Romans used it as a symbol of power and protection, while the Egyptians considered it a door to the spiritual world. And in the Middle Ages, it became a symbol of sobriety and moderation. Today, amethyst remains a jewel of elegance and style, elevating any outfit with its unique radiance.


Amethyst is not limited to its stunning appearance; It also carries with it a series of metaphysical properties that have captivated spiritual seekers throughout history. This gem is closely connected to the third eye, acting as a key to intuition and deeper insight. Its calm and relaxing energy can lift your spirit and give you mental clarity amidst the daily hustle and bustle.

Furthermore, in a world full of negative energies, amethyst acts as a protective shield, as this gem transmutes negative vibrations into positive ones, creating a space of harmony and peace. You can program an amethyst crystal to create a protective shield of Light around the body, allowing you to remain clear and centered while opening yourself to spiritual direction. Place a good-sized piece of amethyst in your home or work space, and you will feel the negativity fade away, establishing a clear and balanced atmosphere, and opening the way for positivity and well-being.

If you are looking to heal emotionally or explore the spiritual, amethyst can be your ally. Its energy has been associated with the release of stress, anxiety and sadness, providing balance and serenity. Additionally, this gem has the ability to facilitate deep meditation and astral travel, opening doors to dimensions beyond the physical.

In short, amethyst is much more than a gemstone; It is a witness to human history and a window to the spiritual. From its appreciation in ancient times to its use today as a tool for well-being and upliftment of the spirit, amethyst continues to shine as an ever-evolving treasure.

Explore the Magic of Amethyst in Your Life

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